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Close your eyes and awaken in a dream of magic, monsters, and mystery.  Play as Eleanor, a young girl lost beyond the veil of this world.  Find relics to channel the power of your Spirit, discovery secrets, plunder dungeons, and explore a vast 8-bit NES world that will bring you right back the the 80s!

If you are looking for a new Zelda-esque adventure for your Nintendo Entertainment System, download the demo and give this a shot!


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Light_From_Within_Demo_V1.5.zip 163 kB

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how's she coming cob? love the demo!

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This was fun!  I think I got everything I could out of it, though I never had enough gems for the belt - so maybe there were some areas that I missed.  Looking forward to the full release when it comes out.  There's a lot of areas just out of reach in this demo that I must explore! haha.

The only things I could possibly suggest would be the ability to swap the font to something a bit easier to read, and at times there's dark red text on the black background that I found difficult to see.

Very nice game. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 02:25:10. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

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This game is so beautiful. There’s a lot of obvious LttP influence here, but the music, the animations, the themes, all the little details like birds or trees swaying in the wind or Ella’s hair by the beach, the sound of the waves crashing on the surf, the attention to lore, the foreign language…

This game is really one of the best on the NES. The intro cut scene makes me tear up every time.

I just finished the demo, which already looks very complete. There’s lots of hints of possible future areas of exploration, which makes me think development has already advanced way past what’s in the demo. I did the first dungeon, which was very fun. I liked the music.

I have niggles: font is sometimes distracting. Combat can sometimes feel like I had no way of dodging. The text-window animation sometimes gives a sense of slowness, makes me impatient for it to appear or disappear. But none of these things have detracted from what so far is a gorgeous game.

I hope you manage to make a release to your satisfaction.

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Just curious - full version is still in development right?


Yes!  And I'm getting closer to a release.  When I get into game testing, I will start generating interest and publishing updates.


Hey guys, just checkin in! Any new info on the process of the full game? O.o


It's just me!  I'm the only guy!  I'm constantly fighting space limitations, tweaking art and animations, and learning new things about how to develop on the NES, all of which makes it necessary for me to restructure existing code...I wish I could work on this as often as I would like.  BUT!  I am making progress.  Thanks for checking in!

Really digging the look and feel of this adenture. Keep up the good work


Thank you!!  I'm releasing a new demo soon that will include a map screen and the ability to swap weapons to different hands!

I am trying the demo but I can’t get past the title screen?

If I press start at the title screen, “new #cont” shows up on the bottom right but then the game just loops back to the NESMaker logo.

Press select to choose new game.  If there is no saved game, it resets.

Oh, man, thanks.

Am I the first one to have this UI confusion?

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No haha.  The select button often gets forgotten.  I set it up this way so once a person has a saved game, you don't accidentally hit new game and need to reset.  The next version will just start a new game if a save isn't detected.

Having to press start to get a UI prompt also confused me at first. I was also confused that start can’t skip the intro logos. So I just kept hitting start and going through a loop.

Hopefully there would be a prompt “are you sure?” so that new game doesn’t accidentally save an ongoing game!

this is pretty awesome.

Thank you!!  Glad you like it!

Amazing music and art!

Thank you!


The Graphics are so good! This is really an amazing work


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We love your game ! Music will teleport you to that magic world. Nes & Snes Connection want to share the test of your game. Congratulations and thanks for this master piece demo game.

Thank you!

I downloaded it but how do you play it?

Deleted 1 year ago

Mesen is a good emulator that supports the flash save feature in the game.  Thanks for downloading!


Nice I love Games like this. I will take a look.