New demo V1.5!

Here is a brand new demo and list of things I have updated in this version!  I'm getting closer to completion!

V1.4 Patch Notes

-Added map screen that updates location!  It can be accessed by pressing select on screens with no enemies or drops.
-Weapons can be swapped to either hand, equipped and unequipped!  This allows for different weapon combinations.
-Strafing can be used with any button.
-Added additional weapons and items and updated inventory screen.
-Music can be muted by pressing select while in the inventory screen.
-Refactored objects to allow more enemy types and variations.
-Changed how items drop so that drops are more random and more likely.
-Swimming too long will cause you to drown.
-Added text library to allow for more text.
-Added a few new tiles and changed others.
-Added additional tile functionality with different weapons.
-Added third music bank.
-Final game music complete *chefs kiss*
-Most final game dungeons complete.
-Finally COMPLETELY fixed bug that would load garbled tiles and corrupt player sprite.  :D

Thank you everyone for your generous support!  Taking the time to download and play my game means a lot and I appreciate it!

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Aug 15, 2022

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Whoah, so many changes! A shame, that I havn't see that earlier because I wasn't on for some time and havn't checked my mails also. But now I see it lucky me.

Just will download it and try it. 

I am looking forward what all will added next.